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Europe in Libertyville–A Review of Hansa Coffee Roasters

Just off Milwaukee Avenue across the Libertyville Metra Station, nestled in an old auto shop sits Hansa Coffee Roasters–a coffee shop and roastery specializing in providing high quality coffee. Founded in 2010, Hansa Coffee prides itself on serving artisanal small-batch coffees from around the world.

Approaching the store, there is not much that meets the eye. Hansa Coffee is situated in a white building with white garage doors and a vibrant, red sign that reads “COFFEE.” One could easily miss the store driving down Milwaukee Avenue, although the storefront becomes a little more obvious for those awaiting the Metra.

Walking into Hansa Coffee one can’t help but notice the sweet-yet-acidic aroma of coffee filling the store. Glance around and it feels as if you’ve been transported to another city. The main area is a quaint coffee shop filled with various brewing equipment, an espresso machine, retail items, and pastries to name a few. This main area exemplifies modern decor with reclaimed wood, and an exposed industrial-like ceiling.

Walk beyond the white doors across from the espresso machine and you find yourself in an old auto garage. The space–cement-clad with quirky, mismatched furniture–speaks to the overall uniqueness of Hansa. Visit during a busy time, and you may find yourself sharing a table with a stranger. And during the warmer days you’ll find the garage doors propped open, creating a wonderful, open and airy atmosphere. Along some walls rests palettes and burlap bags–again, feeding itself to the modern, industrial ambiance.

Just wait until you try the coffee. The espresso roast is perfectly light, a stark contrast to the notoriously over roasted Starbucks Espresso blend. Coffee lovers who have had the fortune of travelling to foreign countries with strong café cultures may easily feel a sense of nostalgia. For the less-travelled coffee drinkers the espresso is simply sweet and soft, even drinkable on its own. Order a latté and the baristas will provide an artful masterpiece that looks too good to drink.

Hansa Coffee is a true diamond in the rough–a gem to Mainstreet Libertyville (and now Lake Bluff, too). It’s no exaggeration to describe it as life-changing for coffee aficionados. Still, regardless of your coffee drinking status, Hansa offers a delightful experience that will have you amazed that such a place exists in Lake County. Hansa is a must-visit.

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